The Real Heroes | 5 months in our arms

When I get asked, “How have things been going?” I immediately say how everything has been going extremely well; the attachment between Leo and the rest of our family happened sooner than I thought it would, and we pretty much couldn’t be happier.

Deep down, though, I wish I could say how difficult the adoption process was, just so I can say how far we’ve come. Just so the prideful me can feel like we were the “heroes.”

I guess I feel like it’s my obligation to represent ALL adoptive families whenever I get asked a question about adoption. I try to give others who are new to the adoption world the best picture I can about what adoption looks like. I tell them how EVERY adopted child has some kind of special need, no matter what their medical file states. I tell them real life stories of the challenges that adoptive families face.

There are so many other people I look up to as the real “heroes.”  The Ethiopian man who works for our friend’s adoption agency who rushed in to care for their son during his sudden critical illness. The parents in our adoption small group who patiently guide their adopted children who still struggle with insecurity or developmental delays. And the Chinese nanny at Leo’s orphanage who protected and cared for Leo when he was only days old, and prepared him so well for his forever family.

Happy five months in our arms, Leo!

china adoption

chinese adoption 2016-09-25_0006 2016-09-25_0008 2016-09-25_0007

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