Day 2 in our arms | China Adoption

Everyone woke up happy and went straight into playing. Took turns with Daddy feeding him at breakfast. Leo prefers to be with Mama (finally–after having two daddy’s girls!), so we’ve been trying to give Phillip opportunities to meet his needs.

feeding at breakfast

At 9:00 a.m. we traveled to the orphanage. I knew this day would be a very emotional time for Leo, especially with the confusion of going back to the only home he’s ever known, but not getting to stay there. In a way, I wish I could say that the orphanage was rundown, dirty, and disorganized, and that we rescued Leo from a terrible life. But the truth is, the orphanage is a safe haven for these abandoned children–wide open spaces outside of the building for kids to run around, well trained staff who give proper care and attention to the kids, and clean rooms and facilities for the kids be in and use. We went up to the floor where Leo spent most of his life and met the nannies. Leo lit up when he was reunited with his nanny, who held him a lot of the time we were there. I am so thankful for this woman who took care of our son this whole time and loved on him before we could hold him in our arms. We were told that there is one nanny for every two or three kids–an amazing ratio! The kids were well loved and taken care of here. 

blumes with nanny

Our family with Leo’s nanny. So thankful for this woman and for the care he gave our son for the first two and a half years of his life!


orphanage staff

A few of the orphanage staff and our personal guide on the right.



This crib is where Leo slept at night


nursery with cribs

The nursery



Washroom where the kids bathed and brushed teeth


baby pic on wall

Found a picture of little Leo on the wall!


When it was time to leave, Leo began to cry uncontrollably. He kept reaching for his nanny as we had to be the bad guys and take him away a second time. If you could see Leo cry, your heart would hurt, too–it is the saddest thing ever! Thankfully, he calmed back down during the ride back to the hotel.

In the afternoon, we went to the Adoption Center, where we made Leo’s adoption official! We are so proud to call him ours!Day 2 (14 of 14)

leo's smile

spike the camera

Day 2 (10 of 14) Day 2 (1 of 1)

Photos by Laura Yang

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