China Bound! | Adoption Fundraising Update

Leo countdown calendar

Can’t believe how close we are to traveling! These past two days Phillip and I have been running around like crazy trying to finish up work and packing for our two-and-a-half-week-long trip. (I’m trying to sneak this post in real quick before continuing to process client orders!) The girls–especially Jasmine–are super excited about traveling to pick up their little brother. In fact, Jasmine made the above countdown calendar, marking off the days until we leave for China. As you can see, she called our travel day, “WOW” day! And then put “Leo!” real big at the bottom (with the boxed-in exclamation point, thanks to kindergarten writing lessons!).

I’ve tried to include the girls in the traveling process, allowing them to pack their own backpacks (with our supervision) and bring certain comfort items from home. Jasmine at first chose a certain doll to bring, but then changed her mind and said, “I want to bring this Hello Kitty pillow instead because it’s made in China!” And I said to her, “Are you sure, sweetheart? I know you really wanted the other doll. Check her tag, she might be made in China, too.” Jasmine proceeds to check the tag of her first choice, and sure enough *gasp*–it was made in China! She then started checking the labels of her other toys and dolls and noticed a trend, “Hey, this one is made in China! and this one! and this one, too!!” Looks like she’ll be happy bringing any one of her toys!

Our puzzle fundraiser has gone amazingly well! We are blown away by all the generous donations we received from you guys. We were able to meet our adoption fundraising goal! You have given a total $35,688 in donations. This is such a huge relief and takes a load off as we now dive into the challenging lifelong task of bringing Leo into our family and giving him a sense of belonging. We’re not doing any other fundraisers from this point on, but we also want you to know if you were one of those who wanted to be a part of Leo’s puzzle and haven’t had the chance, we still welcome your support for all of our non-agency adoption expenses that are beginning to mount up (used minivan car repairs, medical tests/doctor visits, travel for our girls to China, etc.).

Here are a couple of puzzle update pics:


Update #3


Update #4


Our friend Chris helping put together (and by “helping,” I mean “completing 99% of”) the puzzle


Here is the puzzle! Where is that last piece, you say? Well, YOU could be the missing piece to Leo’s puzzle! At least, that’s what was planning to say if the piece had stayed missing. We ended up finding the edge piece hours later!

There are still about 150 puzzle pieces that are blank, so if you’d still like your name included, just follow this link to the puzzle fundraiser.

Thanks to all who have contributed:

Allen Adams
Carol Adams
Hope Adams
Beka Adams
TJ Adams
Ray Baggett
Amy Baldwin
Jim Blume
Mary Blume
Joanne Brown
Philip Brown
Jon Channell
Joy Channell
Tomayia Colvin
Mirla Criste “Tita Dawn”
Michael Davis
Rebecca Davis
Christian Davis
Abby Davis
Sophia Davis
Luke Davis
Nora Davis
Michael Bruce Davis
Brennen Drake
Darren Drake
Rebecca Echipare
Chris Fitzgerald
Jessica Fitzgerald
Asher Fitzgerald
Graham Fitzgerald
Lizzie Fitzgerald
Finley Fitzgerald
Alex Fortuno
Charles Fowler
Karen Fowler
Ellen Gutierrez
Laura Healy
Michael Healy
Autumn Healy
Emmaline Healy
Josh Hipps
Nikki Hipps
Jasmine Hwa
Donovan Janus
Chinee Kemp
Chuck Kemp
Brian Koontz
Lani Koontz
Sara Lawrence
David Lee
Felineth Lee
Crisanta Lopez
Mark Lopez
Andy Marzka
Kelly Marzka
Laura Merriem McCalvin
Zach McCalvin
Doug McFarland
Samantha McFarland
Mac McFarland
Maggie McFarland
Ben McFarland
Cristian Melendez
Linda Gomez Melendez
Andy Moore
Stephanie Moore
Cade Moore
Elijah Moore
Anna Morrow
John Morrow
Eden Morrow
Andy Nambu
Nellie Nambu
Peter Nguyen
Chyrel Panlilio
Marvin Panlilio
Jake Parham
Katherine Parham
Andy Pascual
Carrie Pascual
Ella Pascual
Alex Pascual V
Olivia Pascual
Jonathan Pascual
Sarah Pascual
Favor Pascual
Faith Pascual
Rory Pascual
Ransom Pascual
Jody Pascual
Mila Pascual
Faith Elizabeth Pascual
Lualhati Pascual “Lola Liling”
Anthony Pepin
Melissa Pepin
Josh Pham
Catherine Plemons
Isaac Plemons
Corey Potter
Emily Robinson
Bruce Robinson
Kay Shepard
David Shivar
Beverly Shivar
Elizabeth Sibal
Vince Sibal
David Swafford
Susan Swafford
Russ Tanner
Shelley Tanner
Amanda Tingle
Matt Tingle
David Tingle
Ethan Tingle
Lucas Tingle
Stephen Tingle
Melanie Villalta
William Villalta
Ruthie White
Sam White
Chelsea White
Ethan White
Seth White
Brentt Wimpey
Stephanie Wimpey
Savannah Wimpey
Nathan Wood
Rebecca Wood

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