Puzzle Update #1

I didn’t realize how much fun the puzzle fundraiser would be! I can already imagine us sitting down with little Leo and reading all the names of the people who helped bring him home. Ohhh I can’t wait! (I can also imagine friends and family asking us to take down the framed puzzle from the wall just so they could spot their name, ha ha!).

In just one week we’ve sold 62 pieces = $1,215!*  

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far! Some of you even donated for several pieces, which is so awesome. I also know that many of you can’t give right now, and I completely understand–we appreciate you guys spreading the word about our adoption!


If you’d still like to buy a puzzle piece, they are just $20 each! Click the puzzle fundraiser link at the top of this blog, and follow the instructions to donate.

Thanks so much!
The Blumes

*Just in case you’re confused about my multiplication skills, there is a small transaction fee taken out when donations are made via PayPal. Just wanted to explain that ahead of time so you all have an accurate number for how much we’ve raised!


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